At NHS Forth Valley an RFID Discovery Asset Tracking system from Paragon-ID automatically tracks 2,500 devices around the main hospital site. Keeping track of a large inventory of mobile medical devices in a busy hospital environment can be demanding and time-consuming. The RFID Discovery system at NHS Forth Valley helps minimise time spent looking for equipment, improves utilisation levels and reduces the requirement to purchase new devices.

Improving equipment utilisation has considerably reduced capital expenditure. Bryan Hynd, Head of Medical Physics at NHS Forth Valley, gives an example: “When we had to replace our bladder scanners, the initial proposal was to purchase 12 monitors at £10,000 each plus £500 annual servicing per unit. Data from RFID Discovery proved that 6 scanners would be sufficient, resulting in a total life time saving of around £90,000.”

Being able to locate assets quickly with RFID Discovery has minimised the time technicians spend looking for equipment so more time is being spent carrying out vital tasks. Bryan comments: “It used to take us 8 to 9 weeks to service our fleet of 200 blood pressure monitors and even then some of the monitors could not be found. With RFID Discovery in place we have been able to cut this down to 5 weeks.”

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