RFID Baby Tagging

Using RFID technology, our Baby Tagging Security Systems prevent the unauthorised removal of an infant from a ward providing 24/7 security and peace of mind for mothers and staff. Designed specifically for use on maternity, neonatal and paediatric wards, it can automatically trigger an alarm, lock a door or turn on a camera if an infant is moved beyond a defined ‘secure area’. Using comfortable high quality baby tags, the system accurately monitors real-time location.


24/7 security and peace of mind for mothers and staff

Lightest, smallest and most comfortable baby tag on the market

Prevents unauthorised removal of tag

Allow-out feature for permitted removal of an infant

How baby tagging works

The system

At the time of birth, a purpose-made Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag is attached securely to the baby’s ankle. The RFID tag uses the very latest technology transmitting a unique ID to the local network of readers tracking its location.

An alert

Any unauthorised movement beyond a defined area will trigger alarms and notify staff or lock an exit on approach. A Low Frequency (LF) receiver inside the tag works with an LF exciter to create an alert if a tag nears an exit. Optionally, the tag can also make use of infra-red (IR) transmission for room-level detection.

The tag

Using the lightest and smallest tags on the market, the system provide the ultimate in comfort and safety. Tags are fitted to the baby’s ankle using latex free bands. Bands are disposable and have 'cut-band' technology to raise an alarm in case of unauthorised removal of the tag.

The interface

Intuitive software provides a secure, user friendly interface where staff can add and remove patient details as required. An ‘allow-out’ feature can temporarily disable alerts for a specific tag for permitted removal of the infant by authorised staff. Administrators can swiftly recall logged events by date, time, operator or tag ID. All data is protected and the database can be exported and shared via third party software.

The system provides confidence of baby security at all times as the tag cannot be removed without either causing an alarm or being disarmed by an authorised person.

Bill Owens, Electrical Engineering Manager at University Hospital of North Durham