Paragon-ID, the leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking solutions for the healthcare industry, has announced the launch of a new generation fixed RFID reader which is powered via the Ethernet connection. Delivering the same functionality as standard RFID readers, the new device helps drive down installation costs by eliminating the need to install separate power outlets.

This means that hospitals with the ability to deliver power over their Ethernet, can now benefit from a greatly reduced cost of installing the necessary infrastructure for automatic tracking of the location of medical assets. Due to cross-charging practices in many hospitals, Clinical Engineering departments often have to pay hefty costs for the installation of a single power outlet.

The new reader forms part of the market leading RFID Discovery Asset Tracking system, which is used by a growing number of hospitals throughout the UK to track the locations of mobile medical equipment. By tracking devices such as infusion pumps, syringe drivers, feeding devices, scanners, monitors, mattresses and beds, the system helps hospitals save capital expenditure by improving utilisation levels and reducing the need to purchase additional equipment. By helping to locate devices quickly, it cuts down time spent by staff to locate misplaced equipment.

Fixed readers detect the presence of any device fitted with a specialist active RFID tag, and location data is then transmitted back to a central database. This can be accessed by medical engineers and clinical staff to locate devices.

Andy James, Director of Commercial Operations for RFID Discovery, comments: “Feedback from our clinical engineering users highlighted the challenges and costs many of them face with regards to the installation of additional power outlets. The launch of this reader forms part of our continued commitment to provide systems to suit customer requirements as well as creating market-leading RFID tracking solutions.”

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