Harland Simon, the leading provider of RFID tracking solutions for the healthcare sector, has launched a new-look web user interface with a host of additional functionality for its well-established RFID Discovery medical asset tracking software.

RFiD Discovery is used by a growing number of hospitals in the UK to track locations of mobile medical devices such as infusion pumps, scanners, monitors and beds to improve visibility and utilisation and cut down valuable time spent by staff to locate misplaced equipment.

The new easy-to-use web interface can be accessed by authorised staff from local computers connected to the hospital network. Different levels of user permissions are tailored so that clinical engineers have full access to all device data whilst ward and nursing staff use read-only access to locate devices.

Clinical engineers can access data about the locations of medical devices which are being tracked by the RFiD Discovery asset tracking system. A dashboard overview displays all important system parameters at a glance, whilst the facility to export all required information into a spreadsheet with a single click allows for quick data analysis.

RFiD Discovery user David Smith, Head of Estates at Heart of England NHS Trust, said:

“It is good to see Harland Simon have listened to the users and provided an easier-to-use interface and reports that provide key management information, enabling improved asset monitoring and performance analysis.”

A new PAR level function enables clinical engineers to set desired levels of medical devices by area to ensure that when stock levels exceed or drop below the specified thresholds, the system dashboard notifies the medical engineering team. This means corrective action can be taken and patient care delays avoided.

Andy Barrow, EBME Manager at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust commented:

“The ability to set PAR levels is a really useful for us to ensure we have the right equipment in the right place at the right time.” He added: “Using RFID Discovery across our three hospitals has significantly reduced the time our staff spend looking for equipment. This new web interface is even easier to use and will make location information even more accessible to our clinical and engineering staff alike.”

An intuitive pictorial search screen helps clinical staff locate specific devices quickly, saving valuable time for patient care. The use of thumbnail images of each medical device in the tracking system makes it simple to filter a search without the need to know model numbers or names.

Andy James, Director of Commercial Operations – Healthcare for Harland Simon, added:

“The new web interface was developed based on feedback from customers and demonstrates our lasting commitment to create pioneering RFID tracking solutions which suit user requirements and make a real difference in healthcare.”

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