Paragon-ID, the leading provider of RFID tracking solutions for the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce the launch of a simple graphical search function for its established RFID Discovery medical asset tracking software.

This new easy-to-use interface allows clinical staff to view medical device location information in the RFiD Discovery asset tracking database, saving valuable time when searching for specific devices. The interface can be accessed by authorised staff from local computers connected to the hospital network. The use of thumbnail images of each medical device in the tracking system makes it simple to filter a search without the need to know model numbers or names. This significantly reduces the need for nursing staff to contact the clinical engineering team and contributes to improved efficiency.

RFiD Discovery is used by a growing number of hospitals in the UK to track locations of mobile medical devices such as infusion pumps, syringe drivers, feeding devices, scanners, monitors, mattresses and beds. The system helps hospitals save capital expenditure by improving visibility and utilisation and cutting down valuable time spent by staff to locate misplaced equipment.

The new search function is already being used at a number of NHS Trusts including NHS Forth Valley and East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

Bryan Hynd, Head of Medical Physics at NHS Forth Valley comments: “Our nurses love this new search tool. It’s intuitive and they can see at a glance where to find specific medical devices without prior training.”

Andy Barrow, EBME Manager at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust says: “Using RFID Discovery across our three hospital sites is helping reduce the time technicians spend looking for equipment. Introducing the new quick search screen will provide our clinical staff with direct access to location information which is another great step for us towards improving efficiency.”

Andy James, Sales Manager for RFID Discovery, adds: “This feature was developed following suggestions from our clinical engineering users and signals our continued commitment to providing systems to suit customer requirements as well as creating market-leading RFID tracking solutions.”

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