Managing a large number of mobile medical devices across a hospital site can be a serious challenge. By using Harland Simon’s RFiD Discovery Asset tracking system to locate medical devices, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has considerably reduced the time spent by clinical and engineering staff looking for equipment. At the same time utilisation levels have improved and patient safety increased.

Since the introduction of RFiD Discovery in May 2012 a total of 1800 mobile medical devices have been tagged and are being tracked with the help of fixed readers installed across the hospital as well as mobile handheld readers used by the Medical Equipment Library team.

One of the main benefits experienced by Milton Keynes Hospital from using RFiD Discovery is the time saved when looking for medical devices, and this means more time is available to look after patients. Victoria Errington, Medical Equipment Library Manager at the hospital, comments: “The system gives us a great starting point when we need to find missing or misplaced equipment as we can quickly identify where it was last ‘seen’ by the system.”

The EBME team at Milton Keynes Hospital is also benefiting from RFID tracking. Sobin John, EBME Manager at the hospital explains: “Using RFiD Discovery it’s considerably quicker to find equipment and it has made meeting our 95% target for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) so much easier. In fact, now we regularly achieve a PPM rate of 97%.”

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Andy James
Andy James
As RFID Sales Manager at Harland Simon Andy’s main responsibilities include developing new business and managing existing customers in the healthcare sector. He regularly advises healthcare organisations throughout the UK on the best suitable RFID technologies for their specific requirements. Andy is devoted to promoting the use of RFID technology to help manage change in the NHS and over the past 9 years has assisted numerous Trusts to successfully adopt this technology.

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