Paragon-ID is supporting Addenbrooke’s Hospital by sponsoring theatre kitting tote boxes used in their centralised theatre supply chain operation. Funds to purchase 50 additional boxes were provided jointly by Paragon-ID and GHX, whose RFID Discovery and Powergate systems are integrated to provide improved control of supply chain inventory within theatres at Addenbrooke’s.

Phil Lapish, Theatres Procurement Manager at Addenbrooke’s comments: “We are very grateful for the support from our suppliers. These additional boxes will be mainly used to prepare trauma kits and to cope with increased demand from our busy theatres.”

The RFID Discovery system has enabled Addenbrooke’s to streamline the process of inventory management through a picking and kitting solution. A handheld scanning device helps supply chain staff pick the correct items required for each operation from the shelves of a central stores area. Items are then added to a ‘RFID’ tote box specific for each patient, which is sealed and delivered to the local theatre area.

The biggest benefit of this centralised inventory management solution for Addenbrooke’s has been to significantly reduce stock holding whilst guaranteeing that there will always be sufficient inventory available for operations. Using a centralised theatre kitting solution also means that clinical theatre staff do not spend time preparing for the next day’s theatre lists, but can focus on patient care instead.

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