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18th June 2019

Completing the Picture – 26 June 2019

RFID Discovery will be showcasing its entire range of RFID tracking solutions at the forthcoming “Completing the Picture” event at the Hilton St George’s Park in […]
12th March 2019
HETT Conference

HETT – Healthcare Excellence through Technology 1/2 October 2019

As the market leader for RFID asset management systems in the healthcare sector, we are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting together with our partner […]
17th January 2019

Paragon-ID acquires the rights to Paragon-ID RFID Discovery

Paragon-ID expanded its position in the RFID market by acquiring the intellectual property rights to the asset traceability and utilization software known as RFID Discovery, developed […]
29th June 2018

RFiD Discovery launches new powerful handheld reader

RFiD Discovery has partnered with NordicID to add a new powerful and versatile handheld RFID reader to its portfolio of market leading RFID tracking solutions for […]