What our customers say about us

RFID Discovery is used by a growing number of NHS trusts and other healthcare organisations. Our customer reviews show how we have helped a variety of NHS trusts over the years to implement cost-effective RFID solutions to support their medical device management.

A selection of customer views

on the benefits of using RFiD Discovery to track medical assets

Simon Dawkins, Head of Medical Equipment Library, explains how Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has saved millions of pounds by tracking medical devices with RFiD Discovery.
Andy Barrow, EBME Manager, discusses how using RFiD has improved the management of medical devices at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.
Peter Owens, Head of Medical Engineering, and David Smith, Head of Estates, talk about the benefits of tagging medical devices and beds at all three hospitals within Heart of England NHS.
Victoria Errington, Medical Equipment Library Manager and Peter Jones, Estates Manager, talk about how using RFID tracking has enabled Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to achieve 100% PPM rate for library equipment.
Bryan Hynd, Head of Medical Physics, explains how RFiD has helped NHS Forth Valley save £90,000 on bladder scanners alone.